Blue Promise

Blue Promise is an intentional jewelery collection with a fabric knot that is incorporated into the design. The knot is a way to remind you of your own personal promise to stay true to who you are. Of course many use is for other personal goals. The idea is  that once a goal is reached you can untie the knot if you wish. The fabric knot is made of recycled t-shirt, the humblest of clothing articles we all wear all the time and cherish or tulle fabric the most feminine of fabrics.

The Blue Promise Collection of stacking bracelets includes various bracelet designs. Some are filler bracelets to add dept and interest to the layered look and some are intentional message based bracelets. The Blue Promise is meant to be collected and worn in a stacked layered look. The more you have on the better it will look.  We recommend minimum of 3. 

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