Roma Antique Refurbished Cross Necklace from 1920s

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Roma necklace is an antique rosary used by French Nuns around 1920s. It's been carefully refurbished into a necklace, with addition of some turquoise colored beads and gold plated faceted pieces along with a gold plated "T" charm and silk thread knot;  adding another dimension to this already unique spiritual piece.  Silk thread is a promise knot representing a personal goal or a promise. The letter T charm represents remaining true blue.  Together they represent your personal goal, journey or promise and remaining true blue regardless. 

The Rosary Beads are made of wood and are very delicate. The iron cross and iron chain links also part of the original rosary date back to 1920s France. This necklace is precious, delicate and carries with it 100 plus years of memories and prayer. Our sincere wish is that it finds a forever home where it is loved, cherished, respected and used.  Just imagine over 100 years has gone by. 100 years of prayer.  100 years spent in hands of the faithful. This little delicate gem of a necklace is truly blessed with the power of prayer and faith. 

  • Refurbished antique wood rosary from 1920s France
  • Original Iron cross and iron chain from 1920s
  • New Gold plated T charm trublu jewelry brand icon stands for remaining true blue to who you are at the core
  • Turquoise silk thread knot represents your promise to remain true blue regardless of all around around.
  • New turquoise color beads
  • New faceted metal beads and spacers